PAW LICKING: When does it become a red flag & Causes & Treatment

PAW LICKING: When does it become a red flag & Causes & Treatment

When does Paw Licking become a Red Flag?

Paw licking itself is a common grooming behavior for dogs. Though it is a behavior that should be closely monitored due to the fact it can be an indicator of an underlying health concern. Constant and excessive licking is a symptom and one must figure out the root of the issue first.


  • Environmental allergies
  • Dry skin
  • Flea and tick allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Injury or illness 
  • Behavioral: obsessive or anxiety or Boredom in which destructive behaviors have a tendency to appear first

Apply paw balm daily before walks to add a barrier between your dog’s paws and allergens, and to ensure that they are moisturized Utilize anti itch shampoos when bathing that include soothing ingredients like chamomile, calendula, green tea, aloe,and oatmeal are popular. Daily brushing to help maintain your dog’s coat which acts as a natural barrier between a dog and potential environmental allergies.

“The most common cause of paw licking is generally environmental allergies, also called atopic dermatitis,” Dr. Kristi Flynn, an assistant professor, and veterinarian at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

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